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Office Sanitation Reception Area

1) Mask worn upon entering.
2) Use hand sanitizer.
3) Temperature taken. Anything 100* or greater will not be seen.
4) Reception area is wiped down after each client is processed. Chairs, keys, pens, door handles.
5) POS system covered with saran wrap & wiped down after every transaction.

Treatment Rooms Sanitation

1) Appointment Spacing 30 minutes in between each client to properly sanitize room.
2) Using disinfectant wipes to wipe down each table, face cradle, bolsters, chairs, towel cabinet, light switch, door handles.
3) Spraying room & carpet with disinfectant spray.
4) Keeping all used laundry in covered container and remove from room after each client.
5) All tools used washed with soap & water, sprayed with disinfectant & put in UV sterilizing cabinet.
6) Therapist will wear mask at all times.

Deep Cleaning 2 x week

Using fogging sprayer with accelerated hydrogen peroxide throughout office.
Industrial strength Ozone generator air purifier.

Floral Mask
Sanitizing Products
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