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Q. I've never had a massage before.  What should I know?​
A. Here's a few good tips to help you enjoy the first of many massages to come!
Tip #2:  Relax​​


​When you receive a massage- especially for the time- you may feel like you need to "help" t​he therapist move your arm, legs etc.  Though this may seem like the most courteous thing to do,  it actually makes the therapist's job a little harder.
Tip #3:  Slow your thoughts!


When you're getting a massage, it's hard to not think.  Don't wonder about what you're supposed to do later on that day, or what you should've done earlier.  Quiet your mind, and focus on how great this massage is feeling!
Tip #1:  Keep breathing
Maintaining a steady breathing pattern will help you focus on the sensations you're feeling in your body rather than the internal monologue that's running through your mind.  Your body is working out, just as if you were exercising.  Take deep breaths your body needs it, and your massage will be enhanced!
Tip #4:  Don't suffer!


​If the pressure your therapist is applying is too much, let them know!  They're there to help you, not hurt you.  Do understand the difference between harmful pain and therapeutic pressure, however.  Don't ever be afraid of feeling rude in asking for less pressure.  Feed back is helpful and appreciated!
Tip #5:  It's fine to be nude... or not.


​Nudity is natural.  However, we respect your modesty.  When you get a massage,  you're okay the way you are- nude or fully dressed.  Just be comfortable! You will be draped during the entire massage by a sheet. We also use blankets for your comfort if you happen to get chilly.  Again,  communication is key!  Tell your therapist if you're too hot or too cold.  No one can fully enjoy a massage if they're covered in goose bumps!
Tip #6:  Zoning out is okay


Some people find themselves so relaxed that they  fall asleep. Of course,  we want you to enjoy the massage experience as much as possible. If it means you doze off for a few moments, that's okay.
Tip #7: Be grateful


​During the massage itself, spend some time being gracious for what you're experiencing in the moment,  rather than wondering when the massage is going to end or wondering when you can schedule your next massage.  You will feel so much more fulfilled if you do!
Q. How do I make an appointment?
​A.  Easy! Call or Text 361. 947. 0958, and we'll get you scheduled.  We have plenty of therapists on staff, and we're usually able to set your appointment at your convenience.
Q. What if I have to cancel?
A.  We know that life happens, so if  you find yourself unable to ​ keep your appointment, please help us and give us a call.
Q.  What happens at my appointment?
A.  Your therapist will be waiting for you at the office, which is located at 4646 Corona, suite 172.
If you've never been to Massage Center, your therapist will have you fill out an intake form that has questions about problem areas on which you would like your therapist to focus. We also have a few health and medical questions. We want to provide a safe massage environment so we need to know a little about you. Communication is key  to a successful massage, and this is a great opportunity to ask your therapist any questions you may have. We love feedback!​


After your preliminary interview,  your therapist will show you to your treatment room, and will leave you to get on the table. Some clients prefer to leave on their undergarments.  This is perfectly fine!  We respect your modesty and ask that you  undress to your comfort level. You will remain draped by a sheet during the entire session, and we  even have blankets to help you be as comfortable as possible.
After your session, your therapist will leave the room for you to dress and will meet you back in the waiting room.
Please stay hydrated before and after your session, as water helps with cell health, skin glow, and detoxification.
Q. What types of payment do you accept?
A. We accept cash,  check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and some HSAs. On occasion, we'll have a client ask about our policy on tipping. If you feel your massage session was great, then you may feel inclined to tip appropriately. Most people tip somewhere between $5 and $20, depending on the length of your massage.  We also have gift certificates that make a great present for any occasion!
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